2D Design

Co-designed the graphics for the main screens at the Barclays Center. Several graphics were animated without taking the attention away from the speakers.


Motion Graphics

With the help of After Effects, I was able to create several graphic motion projects. Some projects have a mix of live video and layers of illustration. Some I used programs like Illustrator and Photoshop to create assets for the animation.


Self Exploration 

Retro Project - 80s of USSR


The Innovation Issue was lead by me where I wanted to focus the publication on the resources that are available to the NYU students, but are not widely known to all. At the same time, I wanted to provide an opportunity for several clubs and organizations in Tandon, which are lead by students, that are not well known between the two campus boroughs. In other words, this was a step to unite the two locations in order to influence the students that despite the distance, we are one campus. The image on the cover and the back was made with a 3D modeling software (blender), the  shapes are covered in velvet texture and the light is bouncing around colored mirror box, which helped bring out the bright colors. As the issue is focused on the theme of technology, the font and the layout was chosen to imitate coding look.  

Fringe x Sartorial Sustainability was co-designed with WSN's creative directors. The overall look was influenced by Vogue UA - clean, clear visuals, and the power of white space in order to bring out the photos. The issue talks about the importance of sustainable fashion, thus such aesthetic fit perfectly with the theme. In addition to the layout, the chosen font bring out the luxury and exclusivity look - at the same time making the issue stand out from all other issues WSN publishes.


Created an informational booklet for the Center For Student Life at NYU. The goal was to portray all the different divisions that the office manages. Thus, keeping everything organized and clean as well as utilize the power of white space was essential. The font and the color chosen are part of the NYU branding in order to keep the university representation.

3D Modeling

Lagos Village 360 - 3D modeling project where I recreated a small village based of Makoko. The environment was built in Blender and the textures were modified in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I also exported the environment into a 360 video.


Gif made in Blender (3D modeling software) for NYU Welcome Week gift card giveaway competition