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About Me

Born in Ukraine, Raised in Nigeria, Educated in UK, and currently living in New York City, I am person of many passions.

I tell stories - in photographs, in movies, and in writing.

Each section uncovers a different tale:

  • Look in Stories for my films/videos

  • Look in Places for places I have been

  • Look in Portraits for people I have met 

  • Look in Fashion for Fashion Week photography

  • Look in Published for my published Work

At the moment, I am a student at New York University (Film&TV major (Tisch) // Integrated Digital Media minor (Tandon)). Out of class, I am the Senior Multimedia Editor at Washington Square News.  While I never put my camera down, I do enjoy a cup of coffee while catching up with Vogue.

I can help you tell your story too! But first, check out my projects.